I have always considered my kitchen as my most favorite part of the house. This is where I formulate, experiment and try new recipes. And when it comes to recipes, I always make sure that they are healthy and contain less fat as possible.

Apart from choosing the healthiest ingredients, I also consider the type of cookware that I use when cooking our family meals. Homemakers, passionate cooks and aspiring chefs go for authentic non-stick types of cookware that don’t just cook ingredients to perfection, but also those that require less oil or any sort of fat to keep the food from sticking.

My drive to achieve cooking excellence led me to embark on a quest for finding the best ceramic frying pan in the market. Believe it or not, I didn’t expect that finding that perfect match was harder than most of us have imagined. While there are so many non-stick pans and cookware out there, not all of them will deliver and exceed our cooking expectations.

Why Use Ceramic Pans for Cooking?

For someone who loves to cook, I will not hesitate to invest on a really good piece of pot or pan or even a set of cookware. And just like you, I also got confused about which ones offer the best value for my money.

I used to purchase non-stick pans one after another, and I always get disappointed with how slow they cook, how unevenly cooked my food turned out, how their so-called non-stick coating peels and flakes off and how they do not stay nonstick for a long time. So when a friend recommended that I should try ceramic cookware instead, I was delighted about how much benefit I got from using them.

Here are some important reasons that you should definitely know and consider:


Toxin and flake free

A good quality ceramic frying pan or cookware will not chip off or start to flake even if you place it in the oven or cook over high heat. This being said you can make sure that you won’t end up feeding yourself and your loved ones with toxic chemicals and chips of the coating.


Higher Resistance to Heat

It doesn’t matter whether you would like to sear your steaks or bake pasta, as long as you have a top-notch ceramic pan or cookware, your meals will always come out great without damaging or melting your pan.


Less Oil = Healthy Cooking

Because it is non-stick, there wouldn’t be much need to add oil or extra fat to cook your dishes. This guarantees healthier and tastier meals.


No Food Residues

Can you imagine cooking something in pan only to find out that traces of the last dish you made can still be found on it? Not only is it disgusting and un-sanitary, it can also cause food contamination and may pose threats to your health. Using a ceramic pan or pot can help you keep your food and your loved ones safe, since food doesn’t stick. It is also really easy to clean. All you need is warm soapy water and a soft cloth or sponge!



There are ceramic pans in the market which you can use in the oven, regular stove tops and even induction or glass top stoves.


Great Kitchen Investments

Ceramic pans vary in prices, but one thing is for sure, as long as you buy the best ceramic frying pan in the market, you won’t have to buy a new set for a very long time. They are durable and are really built to last.

How to Choose the Best Ceramic Frying Pan

Best Ceramic Frying Pan

I’ve always thought that as long as the frying pan claims that its ceramic coated and 100% non-stick, I am good to go. But I had to learn the hard way. And honestly, we could all be found guilty of believing this myth. And if you are like me, you will also have piles of pans and different sorts of cookware in your kitchen cabinets, lying there, unused because you have already scratched the living daylights out of their “ceramic coating.”

I figured this needs to stop. Now, for me to buy the best out the many types of ceramic pans out there, I followed the following guidelines, which I hope will also help you out.

Stay Away from Low-Quality Ceramic Coated Pans

If you are planning to often use your ceramic pan, this pointer is definitely something you should strongly consider. Refrain from buying those thinly ceramic-coated pans and opt for those that contain a really high percentage of ceramic material in them.

Ceramic infused pans are okay to use because the material is well infused and blended with the other components of the cookware. So if you have the means to buy the high-quality ones, best choose the brand that offers really thick ceramic coating and those that are ceramic infused.

Build Quality

Of course, we also have to check how well they’re designed and built. Ceramic pans range in sizes, so their handles should also be ergonomically structured to ensure ease of use. Some have large, sturdy, heat-resistance but light handles that make cooking easier even for those who are new in the kitchen. Choose ceramic pans that have non-stick coatings and can withstand even the toughest of tools such as metal ladles and tongs. It should also be dishwasher safe.

Passed Safety Inspections and Certifications

Yes, we all agree that price is a good thing to consider, but if you choose an affordable pan that didn’t pass safety inspections, you can bet that your health will be at risk. The non-stick coating will chip off and will release chemicals and fumes that could cause health issues in the long run. Besides, you do not want to eat non-stick coating flakes with your scrambled eggs and bacon, do you?

Oven Safe

Even if you do not like to bake that much, you need to check if your ceramic frying pan is oven safe. This will prove that it can withstand different types of cooking heat sources. Aside from that, you also need to make sure that you will save money and lessen the chances of washing too many dishes for a single meal!

Reviews and Warranty

Always research for more information and check out customer reviews about the ceramic pan you are planning to buy. Aside from that, go for a brand that offers at least a 1-year warranty on their products. By that time, you’re sure that your ceramic pan already has served you well. Also, knowing that you have a warranty, you will feel at ease since you can easily have your cookware replaced in case something goes wrong. The warranty also serves as proof that the company stands behind its product in complete confidence.

Ceramic Pans We Can Recommend

My quest to find the perfect ceramic pan brought me to buy and try different ones. And while each can offer good results, there are 5 models that stood out really well for me and my family.

NameQualityPriceOur Rating
Neoflam Carat 11’’ Ceramic Nonstick Frying PanA+$$
Chef's Star 2 Piece Ceramic Non-Stick Frying Pan SetA$$
California Home Goods 9.5" Non-Stick CermiTech Frying Pan
(Editor’s Choice)
NuWave 12 Inch 'Everyday Pan' with Lid Stainless Steel Induction ReadyA$$$
The Green Earth All-In-One Sauce Pan by OzeriA$$
(Via: amazon.com)
(Via: amazon.com)


  • It’s thick aluminum body is lightweight and is a great conductor of heat. It ensures even heat distribution.
  • It’s Ecolon Nonstick ceramic coating is safe and chip-free. The pan has 2 thick ceramic layers between its aluminum body.
  • The handle is well-designed.
  • It is dishwasher safe.
  • It keeps the food warm longer compared to other pans.


  • It does not work on induction or glass top stoves.
  • Oven-use, not recommended.
(Via: amazon.com)
(Via: amazon.com)


  • Comes with an 8-inch and a 10-inch ceramic pans.
  • The exterior of the pans is heat-resistant to prevent burning and stains.
  • The thick ceramic coating is definitely certified eco and health-friendly.
  • The set is one of the most affordable but top-notch models in the market.


  • We do not recommend that you use these pans in the oven or on your induction or glass top stoves.
(Via: amazon.com)
(Via: amazon.com)


  • It is large enough to cook family meals with ease.
  • The pan is dishwasher and oven safe.
  • It is really affordable.
  • Scratch proof ceramic coating. It is eco and health-friendly as well.
  • Manufacturers use a top-notch titanium and ceramic infusion to make each pan.
  • Offers a lifetime guarantee.


  • Not an induction cooker-friendly cookware.
(Via: amazon.com)
(Via: amazon.com)


  • The pan’s design is also user-friendly. One of its best features is its built-in spout to make pouring sauces easier and faster.
  • Coated with a ceramic coating technology called Duralon to guarantee non-stick cooking for a long time.
  • The tempered glass lid is also fitted with a strainer which is perfect for boiling and cooking ingredients like pasta or vegetable – suitable for one-pan cooking.
  • If you have a NuWave or any induction or glass stove top, you will find this a breeze to use.
  • It is also easy to clean. You can wipe it with a damp paper towel, put in a dishwasher or with warm soapy water, wipe it dry and you can use it again.
  • It is also affordable.


  • It is not compatible with stainless steel utensils because it has a tendency scratch the coating.
  • The pan can get too hot and will easily burn the skin. Allow the pan to slightly cool before washing it. This will preserve and will help the coating last longer.
  • The price is not that attractive but you can purchase this as a good investment.
(Via: amazon.com)
(Via: amazon.com)


  • This is a 5-quart sauce pan, which makes it great for making gravy, stews, soups, and making luscious sauces.
  • The pan’s thick GREBLON ceramic coating doesn’t chip or flake easily and is safe to use even over high heat.
  • Its tempered glass lid lets you see what you’re cooking and its silicon handle is heat-resistant as well.
  • The pan is 11 to 12 inches – big enough for hearty family meals.
  • The pan is also Oven and dishwasher safe.


  • The pan is quite on the heavier side, so you have to really use both hands to carry it from the stove to the table.
  • When using the pan in the oven, the handle can also get really hot. Use an oven mitt to take it out of the oven.
  • Refrain from using metal or stainless steel utensils when cooking with this pan, as the coating might get scratched.
  • The label doesn’t say that it’s safe to use on an inductions stove. You can try using it on your induction stovetop, but the heat does not distribute evenly and it doesn’t get hot enough compared to other pans.

With so many brands and makes of ceramic pans to choose from, I wouldn’t be surprised if you will get confused. At the end of the day, after trying a good number of pans, I suggest using the California Home Goods 9.5″ Non-Stick CermiTech Frying Pan because of its user-friendly features and its affordability. The pan may not be induction cooker compatible, but you can stick it in the oven, make meals over high heat, and prepare healthy dishes and expect very good results every time.

Searching for the very best ceramic frying pan is no easy task. But the guidelines I have provided and some of our highly recommended brands will and can help you carry out the task a lot easier.