The habits that become prevalent in a community many a times become the norm, and is often elevated to the status of tradition. This statement is not to say that the traditions are bad, rather, it is one of the ways we as humans get to indulge ourselves at the societal level.

Examples of these practices abound. An example of such would be our love for wine and of course, the wine traditions. Another would be, the love for coffee that is an important beverage in the society today.

The process of getting the beans though, and making that perfect brew is another challenge in itself that people need to get informed about.

What Are Coffee Beans?

They are the seeds that come from the coffee plant. Though they do not belong to the beans family, they are referred to as such because of their striking resemblance. They should be classified more as berries or cherries.

This plant is very viable economically; it is a major source of income for many countries. The most economically viable types of this plant are the Arabica and the Robusta. You can read more on this here.

Why Is It Important to Have the Right Coffee Beans?

The very basic thing to know about having that creamy, well tasting, hot/cold cup that you love taking is that, it all depends on the coffee beans that you buy. Bad beans must definitely make for a bad beverage This is the most important fact that you need to know.

For this reason, you must ensure the following:

  1. Ensure That They Are Fresh: When about to purchase them, make sure that you are getting the fresh once from the seller. This is because, the more they are exposed to the air at the place where they are kept or due to lack of proper storage, the more they degas and lose shelf life. This means that they lose their flavor and will not taste good.
  2. Ensure It Is Well Roasted: This is another crucial factor that can result in your favorite beverage having a bad taste. This is because, if it is not well roasted, it will have a bad taste. This is why you have to ensure that it is well roasted before you purchase.
  3. Ensure That They Are Of Good Quality: This means that you should not make your purchase from just any store or seller. Also, do not go for cheap coffee beans, that is a sign that it might not be of good quality. Go for the ones that have verifiable labels (company labels), they are usually a better bet for good quality.
  4. Ensure That It Is Not Exposed To Heat Or Light: This is critically important as it affects the quality of the coffee beans. For this reason, it should be kept or stored in a cool dry place that is dark. You can read more on this at
  5. Ensure That It Is Not Exposed To A Moist Environment: Exposure to any form of moisture makes it to lose its flavor. Thus, this should be avoided at all cost.

Further Things to Note About Its Preservation

There are times that, even after adhering to the above guidelines, you find out that there is still one fault or the other after you have made your purchase and have used it for a while. However, there are certain steps you can take to prevent such occurrence and to preserve the flavor of your coffee beans.

Chances are that if you buy in bulk, it would have been exposed to air, heat, or moisture before using up the stock that you purchased. For this reason, it is better to just buy what you need for a period of time.

Another option that might be worth considering though not popular is to store them in your fridge. Many who have tried it say it is effective and, in this way,, have been able to preserve their great tasting coffee beans even when they have bought larger quantities.


Many people today, love to wind down with a cup of coffee. It is always most enjoyable if you can savor its full flavor and taste.

For this reason, it is important to get the right coffee beans and to properly preserve it from losing its flavor and taste.