What would we possibly do without food? Probably become miserable, maybe even starve. It’s the food that keeps us alive. It’s the food that keeps our health in place.

Since time immemorial there have been uncountable varieties of food. However, food in itself is of no much use if taken carelessly. Food is to be eaten with some discipline. Some food is good for you, some not. All really are edible, but should be taken in portions.

Forget the many stories. We are here to spice up your food life. With our clearly demonstrated food experiences, we help you make the tastiest food you could possibly imagine. Cooking is not hard. All it takes is passion. Our team comprises members who are passionate about cooking. We also lead you to the freshest of drinks to go by all seasons around.

So much can be done to food. It all depends on our desired end product. With one type of food can come a million recipes. And with those recipes could come even further tweaking. Variety is the spice of life. Pepper your food sometime for a refreshing feel. Live life, with food. Then it, becomes fun.

We have outlined the best possible ways to prepare healthy food. Our steps are easy to follow. In case you feel not, feel free to drop off your comments and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible with the clarifications.

We have also added kitchen gadgets to ensure you use the right type to prepare your food. We want nothing less than the best for you and your kitchen. Our health tips will help you know what kind of food to prepare to reap maximum nutrition.

We trust that you’ll have fun as we go through these cooking adventures. Cut down on your unhealthy lifestyle by cooking healthy with us. Prepare the best of milkshakes and stay fit!

Edith Parker

Hi, My name is Edith Parker. I am a wife and mother of three with almost 8 years of cooking wholesome, healthy, and balanced meals for my family. I would love to write articles about cooking and healthy food.

Nicole Lucas

My name is Nicole Lucas, I am the main editor of NoMealNoHealth and moreover I am a mother to an 7 year old angel, and me and my husband regularly have cook-offs in our kitchen for fun. I would love blog about healthy food/drink, tips & tricks that will help you bring happiness to your family.