Summer is just around the corner. Many homeowners look forward to firing up their BBQs and enjoying the summer days with their family and friends while eating tasty grilled meat.

In case you haven’t purchased a grill yet, perhaps this summer is the right season to install one in your backyard. Nowadays, there is a wide range of outdoor grills for sale, accommodating various cooking styles. Gas BBQs, however, attract the attention of many buyers, as these are easy to get started, clean, and use all year round.

The following tips will help you purchase the right gas grill.

Consider the type

The inceptive choice buyers are expected to make is choosing between a freestanding and built-in grill. Most homeowners opt for a stand-alone model, as it’s easier to set up and use. You can use a propane tank or your natural gas line to provide the BBQ with fuel.

In contrast, the built-in models are convenient for homeowners building an outdoor kitchen, as these can be integrated into your kitchen space rather easily. Individuals should be careful in the selection of dimensions, as the grill is supposed to fit in with the rest of the kitchen elements.

Pick the type of fuel

After narrowing down the type of BBQ, it’s time to consider the fuel used in the grilling process. Natural gas and propane are the available options to compare. The former is more complicated in terms of hookup and limited regarding the location. Homeowners having a natural gas hookup in their backyards won’t have to go through any trouble, as they’ll just have to hook the BBQ up to the natural gas line.

Those who have no hookup would have to hire a certified contractor to install one. The choice of location is absolutely important, as once you install a natural gas grill at a particular location, you’ll find it extremely expensive to move it later. Nevertheless, by choosing this option, you won’t have to worry about running out of fuel. All you need to do is pay your gas bill.


Homeowners, who refuse to hire a contractor to have a line installed, should consider buying a propane grill. The setup process for propane BBQs is convenient, and these models can be easily moved around the backyard. Nevertheless, the tank has to be replaced once it’s empty, meaning you should pay attention to the amount of fuel left. Also, individuals who use their BBQs often are recommended to have a spare tank handy so as not to run out of fuel when most necessary. Learn more about the properties of propane.

Consider the size

The choice of fuel should be followed by selecting the right size of a grill. The size is best determined by considering your backyard/patio space and the amount of grilling you’ll be doing.  Homeowners with spacious yards won’t face any size constraints, which isn’t the case in those with small patios. It’s crucial to plan your available space before purchasing a BBQ model.

Moreover, you should think about the grilling you plan to do at once. If you plan to cook meat for yourself and the other household members, a small model would be a great choice. Nevertheless, if your intention is to organize BBQs for the entire family or group of friends, then you need a model with large surface space.

Don’t forget the heating method

Gas grills come with two types of burners, using different technology to provide heat. The largest part of BBQs uses convection heating, referring to the heat that comes from the flame, which heats the food and the air surrounding it. The food, however, tends to be drier when cooked in this way.

Infrared gas BBQs rely on infrared technology to heat the food. These models heat up faster and hit higher temperatures. Given the food is heated directly, it’s no wonder the meat you cook turns out juicier. Additionally, infrared models are more convenient in view of cleaning and energy use. The following link,, explains how to use a gas grill for the very first time.

Factor in the cost

The cost of gas grills depends on various factors, such as the size of the unit, the type of heating, the add-ons, etc. Larger models are pricier than small BBQs. Also, the models offering infrared heating are at the high end of the pricing spectrum.

Furthermore, the more add-ons these grills have, the higher the price. For instance, the BBQs equipped with extra burners, precision thermometer, and rotisserie are costlier than the models offering no extras. Buyers should think about both upfront and long-term costs before making a decision.

Final word

These grills are convenient to use and clean.

They are the perfect combination of flavor and convenience!