200 Frequently Asked Questions About
Going Vegan You Need to Know

Are you interested in veganism? Do you plan on switching to a vegan lifestyle? Before you make the decision, you may have plenty of questions in mind. And we can’t blame you! After all, this is a big transition to make!

As we all know, almost all of us eat meat. It comes as second nature to us so I was surprised when my daughter told me this last week—I have learned from books and TV shows that we should love animals. Seems like a perfectly normal statement, right? Well, she followed up with this question—If that is the case, why do we still eat meat every day?

Now, that is one question that surprised me. In fact, I was not able to answer my daughter right away. Because of that, I decided to do a deep research about it and I hope that the research I have done is enough to answer not just the question my daughter asked but the questions about veganism that you are all asking as well.

To help you determine if veganism is right for you or to provide you the information you need to know about transitioning to veganism, we have compiled 200 common vegan questions (and their answers!) below.

200 Frequently Asked Questions

General Vegan Questions


Vegan and Fitness

Transitioning to Veganism

Is it Vegan?

Common Vegan Problems


Vegan Substitutions

Vegan and Health

Nutritional Sources

Social Vegan

Moral Vegan

Eating out and Traveling





Make the Right Decision


Making the decision to go vegan is a tough choice. It would require enormous amount of lifestyle change so you have to make sure that you are fully aware of what you are entering before you decide to make the switch.

I hope that by answering 200 of the most frequently asked questions about going vegan can help you take the right step. If you have found this article useful, please do share it with your friends!

Do you have any other questions? If you do, please submit them to us at here. Thanks a lot!

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