Sleeping alone can sometimes be difficult especially if you are coming out of a relationship or are used to having a roommate or dorm buddy. 

However, with a little practice and the perfect set up in your bedroom, you might find that you can get better sleep than ever when you sleep alone. 

The trick to sleeping alone is creating a solid sleeping routine and making your bedroom so irresistibly comfy that you begin to love the extra space in your bed

We have compiled 10 of the best tips to help you sleep better when alone in bed.

  1. Treat yourself to the best mattress 

Sleeping on the best mattress when you are sleeping alone is one of the best ways to feel comfy in your bedroom. The most comfortable mattress on the market today is a memory foam mattress.

Memory foam is a material that conforms to the body, caressing muscles and joints to create the perfect sleep experience. If you are new to sleeping alone, a new mattress can help you adjust. Read mattress reviews online to find the best-rated mattress and most comfortable memory foam mattress that fits your budget. 

  1. Lay your bed with comfy sheets

Comfortable bed sheetsare just as essential as a mattress. If your sheets don’t fit your mattress properly or irritate your skin, you won’t feel good sleeping alone. The best sheets for cool and cozy sleep are bamboo bed sheets. They are silky soft and get even softer as you wash them. 

  1. Have a cute lamp at your bedside 

A reason why some people don’t like sleeping alone is that they get scared—create some security by keeping a lamp on your bedside table. This way, you can light up your room quickly if you feel the need to. 

  1. Get yourself a memory foam pillow

An amazing and supportive pillow can make all the difference when you want to feel comfortable in your bed. The best pillow you can buy is a memory foam pillow or a bamboo pillow. The best memory foam pillows are adjustable so you can customize the height to suit how you like to sleep. When you’re feeling lonely, try cuddling a cooling pillow, or even body pillow. This can help you fall asleep faster. 

  1. Sleep with a pet 

Pets can provide company when you need it most. Many people allow their pets to sleep in bed. Studies show that sleeping with a pet can reduce loneliness and help you fall asleep faster. The body heat of your pet can provide security and help create calmness when it is bedtime. If you do choose to sleep with a pet, fit your mattress with a mattress protector. This will keep your bed safe from hair and other dirt. 

  1. Decorate your bedroom with plants 

Plants help circulate air and add a touch of calmness to bedroom decor. If you’re feeling lonely, plants can help boost the positive vibe in your bedroom. The best bedroom plants include lavender and peace lilies. Both these plants look gorgeous, and they can help induce sleep. 

  1. End your day with meditation 

Meditation is proven to help create calmness. If you are feeling lonely, nightly meditation can help put things into perspective and help you fall asleep with a calm mind. Often, unwanted thoughts can lead to rumination late into the night. Instead of spending precious sleep hours thinking of past relationships or things that you wish were different, meditate to release those thoughts before bed. 

  1. Start your day with gratitude 

Start your day by writing down the three things you are most grateful for. Daily gratitude is a helpful way to eliminate the feeling of loneliness. You might begin to realize that you enjoy your alone time.

  1. Take a warm bath before bed 

A warm bath before bed can help you fall asleep faster. Our body temperature fluctuates throughout the night. A warm bath helps to stabilize the heat of the body for a night of deep and rejuvenating sleep. 

  1. Watch nice things before bed 

Don’t watch genres such as horror and emotional dramas so you can avoid being scared and lonely. If you do choose to watch something before bed, opt for something happy and positive. 

Anyone can get used to sleeping alone. If you’re currently adjusting, start by designing a bedroom you find irresistibly comfortable. Investing in the best mattress and pillow is the perfect starting point.