When you’re cooking, it can be difficult to figure out when to throw things away. I know that when I make lasagna I always have leftovers. How do you know how long you should leave your lasagna in the fridge?

Many people struggle with cooking because they don’t know what to do with the leftovers. In fact, people often get sick from improperly stored food!

Today, we’ll go over the ways you can store lasagna, how to reduce your waste, and ways to handle food. You’ll be a food handling pro in no time!

How Long Does Lasagna Last in Fridge?

How Long Does Lasagna Last

Once you’ve slaved over the stove, how long does lasagna last? If stored properly, lasagna lasts in the fridge between 3-5 days.

Considering that it takes hours to make lasagna, 3-5 days isn’t a long time. So, cut your lasagna into portions and freeze individual servings.

Now, you have easy meals to warm up, and you can enjoy your lasagna longer than 3-5 days. These individual servings are also the perfect size for you to take to work!

How Long Does Lasagna Last in the Freezer?

How Long Does Lasagna Last in the Freezer

If 3-5 days isn’t enough time for you to eat your lasagna, then there’s the freezer. Your lasagna will keep for 2-3 months in the freezer!

It’s a no-brainer that you should freeze food if you aren’t going to eat it. Any leftovers that you throw in the trash is just a waste of your time and money.

So, when you make a lasagna, be sure to freeze portions you’re not going to eat. Lasagna is a dish that freezes beautifully, so make an extra pan to freeze the next time you cook.

How Many People Does a Lasagna Feed?

Lasagna is a hearty meal that’s baked in a huge casserole dish. How many people can this meal feed?

A typical lasagna can feed about 8 people, in a 13 x 9 pan. If you want to make bigger portions you can feed 6.

If you’re a small family, you can cut the recipe in half and use a smaller pan. Lasagna is one of the best meals to freeze and reheat.

Lasagna is a meal, just like casseroles, that many people carry to family gatherings. I know that we’ve had had lasagna at Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Lasagna is the perfect addition to any party, no matter what time of year. What event will you carry your lasagna to next?

Ways to Safely Store Lasagna

Ways to Safely Store Lasagna

Whether you put your lasagna in fridge or freezer, there are ways to store it safely. If you don’t have your lasagna in air tight containers it could get freezer burn or spoil faster.

  • Make sure your lasagna is in air tight containers.
  • Use aluminum foil or clear wrap for containers that don’t have lids.
  • You can also use plastic bags to store single servings of lasagna.
  • Always freeze lasagna with sauce, because cooked noodles tend to fall apart when thawed out.
  • Do not store lasagna that has set out at room temperature for more than a few hours.
  • If you cooked a frozen lasagna, make sure to store the purchased lasagna in its original container.

Does the Type of Lasagna Affect How Long It Lasts?

No. Lasagna, whether meat or vegetarian, will last the same amount of time. Most people don’t realize that meat and vegetables have the same shelf life.

If your lasagna develops a funny odor or color discard it immediately.

If your lasagna has dried out pasta or sauce, then you should probably throw it away.

Signs of Food Poisoning

Would you know if you had food poisoning from eating bad leftovers? According to the Mayo Clinic, here are signs of food poisoning.

  • Fever
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea

These symptoms can start hours after you eat bad food or it can take days or weeks. You can have these symptoms for hours or days. Generally, a “24-hour bug” is a case of mild food poisoning.

If your symptoms get worse, you should see a doctor. You run the risk of being heavily dehydrated when you suffer from food poisoning.

Many cases of food poisoning start from you eating leftovers that haven’t been handled and stored properly. Make sure you pay close attention when you’re storing and reheating your lasagna.

How Can You Reheat Lasagna?

How to Reheat Lasagna

There are several devices in your kitchen that you can use to reheat frozen, or chilled, lasagna. If you have your lasagna in the fridge you will probably use a microwave:

  • Fastest method to heat up chilled lasagna
  • Risk of lasagna getting rubbery
  • Best to heat up the lasagna at half power for a longer amount of time.

However, if you have a convection oven this is the best way to heat up single portions of anything. With the convection oven:

  • it’s fast,
  • doesn’t dry your food out
  • crisps up the crust.

Reheating chilled lasagna in your oven is easy too, but:

  • It takes longer
  • Risk of drying out food
  • Must use aluminum foil to cover the lasagna (for the best results).

How Do You Thaw Out Lasagna?

The way you thaw out lasagna depends on the serving size. If you are thawing out a single serving, you will probably just use the microwave.

However, most pans of frozen lasagna are reheated in the oven, covered in aluminum foil, at a low temperature. The size of your lasagna pan will determine which device you use to reheat it.

Lasagna Overview

Lasagna is a meal that your entire family can sit enjoy while making unforgettable memories. Enjoy your lasagna, and use these food safety tips to get the most out of your leftovers!