Are you looking for the best coffee grinder for French press? Let us be honest, how do you enjoy lining up at the coffee shop for your favorite coffee drink? If you belong to countless people all over the world who love brewing their favorite espresso and that you feel like you want to have a much better coffee drink that the one made by the shop’s barista, you can simply do this by grinding your own coffee beans.

The Health Benefits of French Pressed Coffee

For many years now, coffee enthusiasts have put a distinctive praise and admiration on the health benefits of French pressed coffee.

Typically, French press method is used for making coffee or tea which allows hot water to come into contact with the raw ground without passing through the filter. Literally, you will have to “press” out the freshly ground coffee with the coffee press, leaving you with nothing but pure and 100% coffee.

On the other hand, “filter-less” means to make coffee by allowing the essential oils to diffuse throughout the beverage. This is opposed to being filtered out and eliminated by a traditional drip filter. As a result, the coffee becomes more flavorful, providing more nutrients and antioxidants in your cup.

Aside from the fact that coffee is one of the most popular ‘pick-me-up’ drinks in the world, it also offers a myriad of health benefits. French pressed coffee is known to provide support and significant protectants to the body’s immune system.

Best Coffee Grinder for French Press

Methylpyridinium is a compound which is found liberally in coffee and it helps in reducing risks of certain cancers. The types of cancers that are often affected by this particular compound include esophageal, pharyngeal and oral.

French press coffee also contains lipophilic antioxidants and chlorogenic acid lactones which are known effective in aiding neural synapses protection, strengthening the neuron cells in the process. Over time, different kinds of brain-related problems like Parkinson’s, dementia and other neurological conditions are prevented.

There is indeed no question why all over the world, millions and millions of people make use of coffee as a part of their morning or daily routine and definitely, a coffee press is an excellent way to make this kind of drink. Health research and studies have also proven that drinking press coffee increases reaction time and improves short-term memory recall. It’s definitely a perfect kind of antioxidant for concentration, recall and energy while you are trying to start your day.

Coffee enthusiasts praise French press coffee not only because of its superior taste but for its quality, drinkability and nutritional value as well. It allows you to consume coffee’s full flavor and maximum benefits without being filtered out or wasted to a bleached coffee filter. If you are not aware of this method then it is high time that you should try it now and enjoy the abounding health benefits it has to offer.

Watch below video and discover simple ways to make French coffee in the comfort of your home:

Tips to Remember when Looking for the Best Coffee Grinder for French Press

If you want fresh coffee the fast way then what you need is a French press coffeemaker. When the water is hot enough, you just need to pour it into the carafe and wait for a few minutes. It’s nearly an instant brewing process, indeed. And when looking for the right French press machine, it is important to note that details actually matter when it comes to this. Some important things that you need to remember when looking for a French press includes the following:


See to it that the stainless steel mesh of the filter should not be relatively coarse. This can make your filtration process a bit faster but fine coffee grounds will easily pass through, making your coffee foul-tasting and muddy.


When buying a coffee press, it is important to consider the size. The market offers a wide range of choices in terms of size preferences. Choose a grinder that allows good and effective control of the resulting particle size.


Burr grinders are a good choice. Blade grinders on the other hand smash coffee beans into small and big particles. These particles may find their way into your drink.


Choose a French press that’s highly rated and reviewed by customers. In most cases, a highly recommended coffeemaker can be the right one for you.

Discover more substantial information that can help you learn about how to make French coffee the easy and delightful way.

Best Coffee Grinder for French Press for Your Home

An exciting journey is what awaits you ahead from a coffee novice to a French press connoisseur starts with freshly-ground Java coffee beans in your espresso machine. Here’s an outline of the best coffee grinder for French press, a list that contains possible options that allows you to choose the one that you think that is best for your home.



  • Allows you to grind coffee the traditional way.
  • Portable and convenient.
  • Comes with a durable design with just the right size (100g).
  • Allows you to store remaining grounds with the product’s container with a sealing cap so it’s ready for the next use.
  • Product guide is written in English to understand important hints to achieve hassle-free operation.
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee.


  • Handle gets loose easily.
  • The rubber base tends to misbehave, requiring you to handle the grinder firmly as you grind.
  • Handle tends to spin backwards.
  • Screw cap that holds the crank onto the top needs to be tightened often.


  • Offers a pure taste sensation.
  • Comes with an authentic design that is timeless quality.
  • It is made to last due to its stainless steel construction.
  • Offers superior heat retention capability, four times more heat-retaining than glass coffeemakers.
  • Allows you to make your coffee in just as short as four minutes.
  • It is made from high-quality materials so it is a safe to clean through a dishwasher.


  • Since this coffee press is made from steel, it is typically dense and more massive so there is a need to adjust your brewing procedure slightly to keep it from adversely affecting your brewing temperature.
  • The hole in the lid for the plunger handle isn’t sealed so water or coffee could get into the lid and this isn’t easy to remove.
  • There are times when it’s hard to press it down so you need to do it with your entire body weight.


  • Comes with a burr grinding disc that is similar to those being used by pros.
  • It features 17 grind settings to provide you with optimum control.
  • Can be adjusted to make two to fourteen cups of coffee.
  • Allows you to grind coffee beans in a hands-free manner and it is enhanced with an auto shutoff system.
  • Comes with detachable parts that make it easier for you clean and wash them.
  • Made from sturdy and reliable materials that assures you with a great sense of longevity.
  • Comes with a two-year warranty.


  • Does not always grind the beans in the receptacle.
  • Too much sludge in the French press.
  • May not be a good option for press pot users.
  • The container that holds the ground coffee has static electricity that requires you to make use of a small brush to empty it.
  • It may not be a quiet option when compared to other coffee press machines on the market.


This French press comes with the following advantages:

  • Comes with a charming look.
  • Offers a highly-resistant carafe made from borosilicate glass.
  • Frame is made from stainless steel, making it as a rust-free option.
  • Materials are taste-free so the taste of your coffee grounds isn’t interfered.
  • Well-attached and well-connected parts.
  • The only French press with four stainless steel filter screens.
  • Makes different kinds of drinks easily.


This can be the best coffee grinder for French press for you but this product comes with a slight disadvantage that may be attributed to carelessness. There were users who have had their French press’ carafe broken when they washed it. Since the carafe is designed to stand high levels of temperature, it is highly advised that it should be treated with care when cleaned and should not be banged or hit on hard surfaces to prevent it from cracking or breaking.


  • 100% portable so you can bring it on your camping or anywhere you go.
  • Lightweight so you can carry and bring it with you all the time.
  • Doesn’t make use of electricity.
  • Quiet operation and functionality guaranteed.
  • Designed with a great sense of durability so you can be sure of its extreme longevity.
  • Comes with an extra ceramic burr grinder at no extra cost.
  • An excellent gift for a friend.
  • Offered with a money-back guarantee.


  • It’s size is too small so it’s hard to hold much coffee.
  • Handle sometimes comes off when its turned.
  • Ceramic takes longer to heat up.



So there you have known the five top-selling and highly-rated French press coffeemakers on the market today. While they all prove to be good choices for your everyday coffee press needs, we, therefore, recommend Frieling USA Double Wall Stainless Steel French Press Coffee Maker with Patented Dual Screen as the best coffee grinder for French press due to its great features and durability at a price that will never ever harm your budget.

And with this kind of French press, you can always have the chance to enjoy healthy coffee drinks for everyone right in the comfort of your home and anytime you want to. With this coffee grinder from Frieling, now is indeed the best time for you to praise and experience French press coffee at its best in terms of quality, drinkability and nutritional value.