Caviar has enormous nutritional properties. Taste qualities of fish eggs are known all over the world. The product is a real storehouse of substances and vitamins. Let’s talk about the types and beneficial properties of caviar.

Red Caviar

Red caviar appears in the belly of salmon fish species. These include chum salmon, pink salmon, sockeye salmon, or Chinook salmon. Depending on the type of fish, eggs are different in size, color, and taste.


  • Salmon eggs have a bright red-orange color. They provide a pleasant taste experience because of the larger size of the eggs
  • Trout, whitefish red caviar is more affordable since it is not made of sturgeon eggs

Black Caviar

Black caviar is taken from the belly of the sturgeon fish types. The most valuable caviar is beluga one. Eggs are large, without a specific smell of fish. The second place belongs to sturgeon with dark gray caviar, refined tastes, and a faint smell. The last popular place is occupied by Sevryuga with small and dense eggs.


  • Sturgeon eggs are sourced from Beluga, Kaluga, Siberian sturgeon, Sevruga, Starry sturgeon), Ossetra, etc.
  • American paddlefish eggs are not true sturgeon ones, but they relate the sturgeon fish species. It is marketed as caviar because the fish eggs are colored black with a greenish tinge.

Black caviar usually has fewer calories. But the difference does not exceed 10-40 kcal when comparing portions more than 3-4 ounces (100g.).

Both products have the same nutrition possibilities, being the unique sources of protein and Omega-3. They contain useful substances, including phosphorus, iron, potassium, magnesium, sodium, and a number of vitamins. No other animal product can give the body the right amount of natural folic acid and lecithin needed to maintain reproductive function.

What Are Caviar Advantages for Health

  • First of all, red caviar comes to the aid of immunity. Eating a teaspoon, a day, you will feel a surge of strength and vigor
  • Caviar is recommended for people who have recently undergone surgery
  • Red caviar is a great partner for our heart and circulatory system. It increases hemoglobin, preventing the formation of blood clots, atherosclerosis, and vascular diseases
  • Eating caviar regularly will increase the rate of tissue regeneration
  • If you have stress, problems with the thyroid gland or the sight, caviar will come to the rescue
  • Due to high phosphorus content caviar have a beneficial effect on bone tissue
  • Red caviar helps to preserve youth and protect you from wrinkles
  • If you are going to have an offspring, including salmon caviar in the diet during the preparation

Why Black Caviar is More Expensive Than Red Caviar

What do we know about sturgeon spawning? A sturgeon, living up to a hundred years, can go to spawn a maximum of three times a life. And this is a natural process in the sturgeon life.

The population of sturgeon and fish from its family is becoming less every year, and private farms do not solve this problem at all on the scale of seven billion humanity. Therefore, it is not surprising that the market black caviar owns such prices, and there are many fakes presented.
Taste Differences

The black caviar taste depends more on the size of the eggs themselves. But red caviar can be incredibly tasty, even if the grains are very small. Moreover, some gourmets argue that the small eggs of salmon fish are better in terms of taste. You will find out more about the red caviar tastes and unique caviar production brands here: