Let’s set the scene for a moment. It is a balmy Sunday afternoon, the entire family is gathered in the backyard to sample some of your awesome smoked chicken. The smoker has been on since morning and there is a warming waft of smoking wood pellets in the air. You have got an ice cold beer to hand and a plate piled to the brim of your favorite roasted veggies, chunky cut wedges, and homemade slaw. 

But, of course, none of that has anything on your smoked chicken. You slice it onto a serving dish for the family to help themselves and serve yourself a plate of piping hot smoked chicken with a drizzle of the stickiest and most flavorsome gravy. You pop a forkful of the most tender chicken breast into your mouth and instantly feel it melting away in your mouth. That’s right, you’re in smoked chicken heaven. 

If you are quite the avid barbecuer, then I am sure you are aware that it is not always as easy as it seems to cook the tastiest and most succulent cut of smoked chicken. That is why this article has been prepared to provide you with the most taste bud tantalizing, smoked chicken recipe that will infuse that original cooked on a campfire flavor into your smoked chicken. This article is perfect for that upcoming summer barbecue!

Preparation Is The Key

As with any good meal, preparation and careful planning make everything tastier and there are no exceptions when it comes to cooking the best smoked chicken. What can you do to prepare your chicken for smoking? Take a look at the instructions listed below and follow them carefully.

  1. To get this meal on the way, you will want to start off by trimming any excess fat off of the bird and trimming the gizzards away and discarding them. 
  2. Making a rub is also an extremely important step. Mix together garlic powder, onion powder, freshly ground black pepper, kosher salt, paprika and an assortment of your favorite condiments and place them in a bowl to one side.

Choose Your Wood Chips

Choosing the best flavor wood chips is key for adding that winning note of flavor to your food that will help to lift it off the plate and will make it stand leaps and bounds above over smoked chicken recipes. The key is in the quality, so choosing good quality wood chips is essential for an unbeatable flavor.

  • Large bird. Hickory wood chips are ideal for cooking a large bird. It can be combined with cherry wood chips as they are both slow burners and release a fruity flavor that contrasts well with poultry.
  • Small bird. For smaller cuts of meat, stick to fruity woods such as peach and apple wood as they give off milder flavors that compliment the chicken.

How To Smoke A Chicken

Would you like to smoke a chicken so well that the flesh literally starts to fall away from the bone as you are pulling it out of the smoker? What you have before you is the best smoked chicken recipe. Make sure you follow the steps closely for the very best results. 

  1. First things first, preheat your smoker to 200 to 225 degrees Fahrenheit. This low temperature is key to get your chicken to smoke slowly so that it does not overheat and dry out. Choose your wood chips and add them to the smoker.
  2. Baste the chicken in olive oil, ensuring the entire bird is covered. Then pat your pre prepared rub over the bird, applying it to the bird as generously as possible.
  3. Place the chicken in the smoker and rotate it once an hour to ensure it cooks evenly on each side. (Tip: keep the water bowl topped up whilst smoking so that your smoked chicken will remain moist throughout the process.) You should cook your chicken until it reaches an internal temperature of 165 degrees Fahrenheit when tested with a meat probe. How quickly your chicken cooks will depend on how big your bird is and how well your smoker retains its internal temperature.


Are you ready to give this smoked chicken recipe a whirl? Then make sure you complement it with the best sides! Try adding a four cheese mac and cheese, a three bean wild rice salad, or even roasted asparagus and corn on the cob to your smoked chicken to really bring a whirlwind of flavors to the dinner table. 

Once you have given this recipe a go, take a stab at creating your own rub, using the spices that your family love – you could try stripping it right back to chicken stock, or vamping it up with curry and chili powder. 

I am sure your family will be nothing but impressed with this smoked chicken recipe – they won’t be able to get enough of it!