Regardless of your taste and habits, if you find yourself traveling through the USA, you just have to try these dishes, because nowhere in the world they taste like that.

The United States has days that traditionally celebrate specific food. Of course, some are more popular than others. We’ll reveal to you the ranking of the top 10 most popular USA’s food days which  made by combining Instagram hashtag data + Google search volume. Let’s start with the top 7 dishes that were most pleasing to our palates, though we’re sure everyone would have a few more must-eat foods to add.

Corn Dogs

This is a specialty of American fast food. It’s similar to a hot dog roll-up in the rest of the world but coated in a roll made of corn dough on a stick, with specific spices.

Barbecue Ribs

The best ribs in American barbecue sauce won’t leave you indifferent. The whole BBQ concept in the USA is very popular and very tasty, and ribs are the top of the concept. If they’re on the menu, opt for baby back ribs – one of the most delicious meat specialties you’ll try in your life.


Pizza is being prepared in America in countless ways. The Italians may have invented the pizza, but the Americans certainly brought this meal to perfection: from classic capricciosa, to cheese pizza, to specialties like BBQ pizza or Hawaiian pizza with pineapple and bacon – you won’t go wrong whichever you choose. How pizza is important in the diet of Americans shows its national food days ranking – No.4.

Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich

This is definitely the best sandwich you’ll try. The bun contains finely chopped grilled veal topped with plenty of melted cheese, and optional mushrooms, onions, and peppers. By using our unique scoring system, we found out that the Philly cheesesteak sandwich falls into a group that’s part of the most popular food day in the USA – National Sandwich Day – with an increase of 2700% in the last 16 years.

Chicken Wings

Americans make chicken wings in a specific way. This dish portrays American cuisine in which almost everything is deep-fried and topped with delicious sauces (here it can be sweet, spicy, in special spices, etc.), so not so healthy, but very tasty. You’ll find chicken wings both at fancy restaurants and fast foods. The most famous are Buffalo Wild Wings, Bonchon, Wingstop… our recommendation is to try them at Hooters.

Ice Cream

The United States is so famous for its ice cream in buckets and there’s no chance of going through any store and not to notice many ice creams on the shelves. And each is delicious. If you want natural/organic, look for Ben & Jerry’s. Their most famous flavor is the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, which is the perfect combination of two of America’s favorite treats. Breyers make phenomenal mixes of its ice creams and favorite treats, so you can buy Breyers SNICKERS there. National Ice Cream Day is No.2 most searched food day in the country with an increase of 2400% in the last 16 years.


In the end, from us – the highest quality steak. In America, they make it perfectly. Of course, a lot depends on the restaurant, so choose one of the best. If you want to settle for a dry-aged variant, prepare a small fortune that can go up to $ 150. It’s recommended that you order it medium-rare or rare to feel the best taste. Steak is the perfection you better leave for the last days of your stay. Sacrifice one daily allowance if you’re on a business trip, and bring the gastronomic experience back to your home country.


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