You need to be in your optimum health on most days. In order to achieve this, you have to get your nutrition from healthy foods such as vegetables and meats. However, there are instances when these foods do not give you the necessary nutrients as vitamins get degraded in the heating process foods undergo.

The chemical changes in food may mean that they will not have the vitamins and minerals necessary to give you good health. Thus, you should take multivitamins to make sure that you are getting your daily dose of vitamins and minerals. Multivitamins are worthy investments that will surely give your body its needed nutrition.

You should be able to get the right multivitamins for your needs. The following are some guidelines on how to find the right multivitamins to achieve optimum health:

The Iron In Multivitamins

You Might Not Need Multivitamins With Iron

Most of the foods we eat are already rich in iron. Because of this, you might not need a multivitamin that has iron in it. You only need extra iron if you have been diagnosed with iron deficiency. Too much iron in the body can actually be detrimental. Overconsumption of iron can cause toxicity, and it is a real danger if you take in multivitamins with iron. But iron is necessary for people with iron deficiency. People at risk of iron deficiency are pregnant and menstruating women, as well as those who have cancer and inflammatory diseases. People suffering from intestinal disorders, alcoholism, and those who donate blood often are also in need of extra iron.

Calcium And Iron Do Not Mix Together

Iron and calcium should not be taken together. Calcium interferes with the synthesis of iron, so it may not be ideal if you are taking iron to combat iron deficiency in your body. Calcium will interfere with the absorption of iron if you are ingesting iron for anemia or for heavy menstrual periods. To get your necessary daily dose of calcium and iron, get a multivitamin that has only one of the two and take a separate supplement for the one that isn’t included in the multivitamin.

Look For Activated Forms Of Nutrients

Nutrients In Active Form

Multivitamins work best when they are already activated. For example, pyridoxine is an active form of Vitamin B6, which is necessary for hormonal balance. The body synthesizes vitamins so it will be able to perform its job and be utilized by cells. When you use the active form of a multivitamin, you bypass a process so the multivitamin will be able to do its job quickly and efficiently. Another active form of the nutrient is riboflavin-5-phosphate. This vitamin is otherwise known as vitamin B2 or riboflavin. Multivitamins in active form are more readily absorbed by the body.

Chelation Process

You should also check the label if the minerals have been chelated. Chelation occurs when minerals are bound to molecules, usually amino acids. This process results in better absorption of the mineral. This process happens during digestion, though it is sometimes not effective. Chelation is a process that makes multivitamins mimic the body’s natural chelation process. This process produces readily-available organic minerals that can be absorbed in the body, and it usually comes in capsule or tablet form.

Some Important Ingredients Your Multivitamin Should Have

Vitamin E Complex

You have to get a vitamin E complex rather than just one type of vitamin E. Vitamin E is essential for many of the body’s functions and is a crucial part of maintaining good health. You should get your vitamin as mixed tocopherols. There are different types of vitamin E. A multivitamin that lists vitamin E complex will have all these types of vitamin E. However, it should be noted that most multivitamins in pharmacies only include one type of vitamin E. Many pieces of research have proven that other types of vitamin E are essential for good health.

Vitamin D

It is also important to get vitamin D in your multivitamin. Ideally, you should get your vitamin D through exposure to sunlight for 15 minutes. However, this is not feasible for people who work 9-to-5 jobs or for those in wintry locations. Sunlight also comes with UV rays, and some people apply sunscreen, which makes absorbing the needed vitamin D a challenge. Moreover, vitamin D is also not easily absorbed in food, but it is essential in absorbing calcium. If you don’t get enough vitamin D, there is an increased chance for you to have bone and back pain, hair loss, as well as the likelihood of becoming sick.


Many people are magnesium-deficient because they are not eating the right foods. Magnesium is rich in spinach, artichoke, and pumpkin. You need to have a daily dose of magnesium in your diet to stave off a lot of diseases. It is also essential to bone health and energy production. Magnesium is needed to balance out blood sugar levels, regulate muscle and nerve processes, aid in sleep, as well as make protein.

Multivitamins Should Address Your Specific Health Needs

You should have the right multivitamin depending on your gender, life stage, and age. Iron is needed by women who are premenopausal. On the other hand, older adults need more calcium, vitamin D, and vitamin B6. You should consult with a dietitian or doctor to give you a heads up on all the necessary nutrients you will need on a daily basis so you can look for these ingredients in your multivitamin.

Avoid Additives And Fillers In Your Multivitamin

Sometimes, your multivitamin will have added fillers, flavors, and coloring to make it more attractive and palatable. Be sure to avoid these extra ingredients so that you are only getting the best nutrients in your multivitamin. These added ingredients may be harmful to your health or may not add anything in terms of nutrition. You should make sure that your multivitamins are clean and natural, and come from whole-food sources.

Final Thoughts

In order to make sure you get all the vitamins and minerals you need, you may need the help of multivitamins. Multivitamins are a convenient way to attain good health. Although you may make the effort of getting all the nutrition you need through food, this may not be sufficient. Consult with your doctor to know which vitamins and minerals are good for you, and which you should have more of on a daily basis.

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