Juicing has become really popular in the last 5 years. This is not just because of the chance to use fresh and organic produce, but also because people are more conscious of their health today. From carrots to beets, to kale to wheatgrass, extracting their juices are truly known for their nutritional benefits! And compared to the time when people have to press ingredients just to extract their juices, we are now given so much choices in terms of using the right juicing machine for our needs.

I am into drinking wheatgrass juice for my daily detox, which is why I embarked on a mission to find the best wheatgrass juicer in the market. I initially thought it would be a difficult feat to accomplish, but I found several juicing machines that I was able to choose from.

Buying Guide: Top Tips when Buying Your First Wheatgrass Juicer

best wheatgrass juicer

It is not that hard to find the best wheatgrass juicer for your home. You simply need to take note of the different properties or qualities which make a juicer worth buying and using. This is especially true if you will be buying your very first wheatgrass juicer. Here are some key pointers that could help you find the out which is the best juicer for you:


Consider the Cost

It is not surprising to find different types of juicers online or at your local home depot. And each type comes with a different price tag. Now, what I can suggest is that you conduct a research on how much wheatgrass juicers are tagged, nowadays. This will, then give you an idea on how to set a budget for your purchase. Take note that high-end models go for a higher price.


Juicing Purpose: What Do You Want to Juice?

There are juicers in the market which are designed to juice tender and tough leafy vegetables. And while you can easily find a multi-purpose juicer, it’s not guaranteed that you will extract a good amount of juice. If your main reason for buying a juicer is to juice mainly wheatgrass and other leafy vegetables, then choose a juicer that’s specifically made for that purpose.


Juicing Purpose: Do You Want to Make Smoothies and Other Natural Juices?

If you also want to make fresh smoothies and would want to make different types of juices, then you should consider buying those that come with extras such as a smoothie canister and the right set of blade attachments.


Juicing Speed

Most high-speed juicers can’t juice leafy greens efficiently. So opt for a juicer that is slower and runs on a lower rpm. All because this can extract the most juice from your wheatgrass, kale or any other leafy greens.


Easy to Clean and Store

Do you live in a home with very limited space? Or, do you have a really spacious kitchen? These factors are definitely worth your consideration since you need to buy a juicer that you can easily prop up on your kitchen counter and store afterwards. You also may want to check if the machine and its parts are easy to clean.

Which Type of Juicer Do You Want?

Aside from additional features and attachments, it is also advisable for you to decide which type of wheatgrass juicer you really want. There are 2 types of juicers that you can actually choose from:


Manual Wheatgrass Juicer

This is great for those who are just starting out their juicing journey. These are relatively cheaper but can perform very limiting juicing and extraction processes. This type of juicer ONLY works on wheatgrass.


Electric Masticating Juicers

These run on lower speed perfect for juicing leafy produce. Aside from that, this type offer you options to juice different types of vegetables and fruits, as well as perform different blending, grinding and extraction tasks.

Choosing the Best Wheatgrass Juicer: Juicers That We Recommend

NameQualityPriceOur Rating
Omega J8006 Nutrition Center JuicerA+$$
Handy Pantry HJ Hurricane Stainless Steel Manual Wheatgrass JuicerA-$
Miracle Exclusives Stainless Steel Manual Wheatgrass Juicer MJ445A$
Nutriteam HD-7700 Low Speed Juicer
(Editor’s Choice)
Miracle MJ-550 White Electric Wheatgrass JuicerB+$$

We went out and got several wheatgrass juicers available in the market. We tried and rated each of them to help you narrow down your search. Here are 5 of the best ones that we can recommend. Please note that this list is made up of both manual and electrical juicers.

(Via: amazon.com)
(Via: amazon.com)


  • Guarantees freshness of taste and color. It extracts the maximum amount of vitamins and minerals from the ingredients that you will be using.
  • The unit’s masticating auger speed is at 80 RPM.
  • It is quiet yet powerful. Its low-speed can juice both hard and soft vegetables, fruits and leafy greens, such as kale, spinach and wheatgrass. The machine is UL and cUL approved.
  • You can use it as a homemade pasta extruder.
  • It has a food processor attachment for salsas and even homemade baby food.
  • You can grind coffee and spices too.
  • If you want to make sorbets or frozen fruity soft serves, this is a great tool to use.


  • We tried it several times and harder types of fruits and vegetables come out with small amounts of fibers mixed in with the juices. But if you do not mind the fiber, then you are all good.
(Via: amazon.com)
(Via: amazon.com)


  • It is really easy to operate since it runs manually.
  • The gears and parts are easy to clean and are dishwasher safe.
  • It is easy to assemble and even disassemble for storage purposes.
  • Works on countertops of up to about 2 and ¼ inches thick.
  • It is compact and can easily be carried around during travels.
  • Works on both wheat and barley grass.
  • Made of stainless steel, you can be sure that it will last longer.


  • It doesn’t fit all types of countertops. We had to use a chair to be able to clamp it in place.
  • It doesn’t do much since it is focused mainly on wheatgrass juicing.
(Via: amazon.com)
(Via: amazon.com)


  • Its matte finish gives it an elegant look.
  • This is perfect for both household commercial use.
  • It is one of the most affordable manual juicers in the market.
  • The parts are easy to clean and are very durable.
  • You can use it to juice wheatgrass, leafy greens such as kale and spinach, and small pieces of soft fruits such as berries, pomegranate, and apples.
  • When you get the package, you will find the following: Wrench, Stainless steel auger.
  • Forget about foamy juices, because this juicer will produce less amount of foam and more amount of wheatgrass juice to drink.


  • It doesn’t fit all types of countertops. We had to use a chair to be able to clamp it in place.
  • It doesn’t do much since it is focused mainly on wheatgrass juicing.
(Via: amazon.com)
(Via: amazon.com)


  • It has a powerful low-speed motor that runs at 200 Watts which is perfect for juicing different types of fruits, vegetables, and wheatgrass.
  • This juicer comes with attachments and accessories which allows you to perform different food preparations. When you open the box, you will find: A mincing bowl attachment for sauces, sorbets, and even nut butters, A juice extracting bowl, A cleaning brush, Manual and recipe book, Juice extracting bowl and screen.
  • We were able to extract more juice from our wheatgrass and even other ingredients. The pulp is dryer, proof that you get a lot more than other juicers.
  • It is a vertical juicer, which means that it doesn’t take up space on your counter or kitchen cabinet.
  • It is durable!


  • It doesn’t fit all types of countertops. We had to use a chair to be able to clamp it in place.
  • It doesn’t do much since it is focused mainly on wheatgrass juicing.
(Via: amazon.com)
(Via: amazon.com)


  • It is lightweight and compact. Because it is made of non-toxic plastic. This means that the materials used are safe, doesn’t have any loose parts that you can choke on or cause any form of harm or danger.
  • This juicer can extract juice from wheatgrass and small berries.
  • It comes with a 1 year (limited) warranty.
  • Easy to clean, assemble and disassemble.
  • The motor is really quiet too! It’s masticating auger runs at the speed of 9RPM.


  • The auger can easily be damaged since the parts are made of plastic.
  • It needs to be fed in a specific manner otherwise the machine will not run properly.
  • It has a tendency to drip.

The Nutriteam HD-7700 Low Speed Juicer is our winner for this review!

Always remember that a very good wheatgrass juicer is a great investment. This is why you need to find the best wheatgrass juicer for your home.

Versatility is something that really got us convinced that the Nutriteam HD-7700 Low Speed Juicer is the brand and model that we highly suggest that you try. Its ability to perform different tasks helped us save money because instead of buying a chopper and nut butter maker, we only used a single machine to do all these aside from making great tasting and highly nutritious wheatgrass and other fruit juices.

Now, that is what we call a great kitchen appliance investment!