51 Best Foods For Weight Loss:
The Ultimate Guide To Slimmer Body

Weight loss. The #1 most talked about topic in the word of fitness and exercise.


Even though there’s an abundance of materials and studies on this topic, this health problem always seems to keep us down.

The modern lifestyle is the main problem.

It provides so many benefits to us in every field but turns us into fat, weak and unhealthy slobs.

Even though we advanced so much, we still struggle to solve this problem. Obesity is still among the top diseases that cripple us worldwide. Not to mention other diseases that it triggers.

When you look at it with all honesty, it all comes down to the food we’re eating.

Like Bruce Lee once said: “You are what you eat.

The modern life has brought the fast food paradigm into our lives, providing us the convenience to not care about our diet, and devour something ’’on the go’’ just to keep going.

Instead, it’s important to see how food affects our bodies and which food we should be focused on.

That’s why I’ve done some research about the foods that you should focus on your diet. I’ll tell you a bit about each food, and give you some ideas and links to use it further. I’ve also designed an infographic for you to print out and carry in the grocery store.

Later, I designed a meal plan based on Paleo diet (the prehistoric diet) which is popular and effective.

Foods You Should Eat to Lose Weight

There are tons of foods you can incorporate into your diet and lose weight.

To provide you with the most useful information, I gathered many types of food and categorized it into groups.


1. Salmon

1. Salmon

Eating salmon will not result in the magical disappearance of your fat, nor will it directly affect your weight. Nevertheless, Salmon is a lean protein that can replace fatty red meats and junk food in your diet and aid your effort to become fit. One serving of salmon has half the calories and fat of a cheeseburger and more protein that will help you build muscles and keep you satiated longer.
2. Tuna

2. Tuna

If you want to lose weight by eating Tuna fish, it is best to choose tuna canned in water as it has the least calories. One serving contains approximately 17 grams of protein which, as we already established, promotes satiety. There are many fat-loss diets that include eating tuna on a daily basis- but we advise that you maintain a balanced diet which includes a variety of healthy food.
3.	Oysters

3. Oysters

If you want to burn your calories passionately, you ought to eat Oysters which are renowned as an aphrodisiac. A half dozen order has only 43 calories, but loads of iron and zinc, minerals that also help regulate the weight and offer other health benefits. For this reasons, do not hesitate to eat oysters - you might win on both fronts- get into your skinny jeans, and someone else’s.
4. Halibut

4. Halibut

A number two most filling food, Halibut, will keep you satiated for hours. It features impressive protein content but also serotonin, a hormone which makes you feel happy and forget your appetite. Besides taking you over the moon, light as a feather, halibut will also make you say yummy I want more! Even without any sauce, baked in the oven with a little seasoning, halibut tastes great.
5.	Mackerel

5. Mackerel Mackere

Mackerel is a common name for a number of species of white fish which are all highly nutritious and packed with omega 3s. It contains 37% of daily required protein per serving plus more than 150% daily value of vitamin D. Mackerel also have other health benefits. Besides canned mackerel, you can also find fresh mackerel all year long, and it is best cooked as soon as you buy it; both can be used in the herb salad we whole-heartedly recommend.


1.	Ostrich

1. Ostrich

It might sound too exotic for you to try but it actually tastes like beef - pretty yummy! Plus, it contains choline which boosts your fat loss. High in iron and protein and low in fat, calories, and cholesterol - it is a perfect combination for a weight loss diet. It might be hard finding and challenging to prepare the first time, but you will not regret trying tasty ostrich recipes low in calorie and easy to cook.
2.	Turkey

2. Turkey

If you want to boost your brain function and at the same time turn off your fat genes- Turkey white meat is a must! Lean and rich in DHA omega-3 acids protein, it prevents the fat cells from expanding. For this reason, do not reserve the turkey for your Thanksgiving dinner only; it is good for you to eat every day of the year.
3.	Chicken

3. Chicken

Unfortunately for some of you fast food lovers, when we say Chicken we do not mean deep fried! If you want to lose weight and flatten your belly, you must stick to the chicken breast. If you think it is the worst part of a chicken on the taste front you might want to try some of these delicious chicken meals perfect for those who battle with weight and want to win the fight.
4.	Pork

4. Pork

If you think that Pork is an enemy of dieters, think again! As long as you choose a right cut, you can achieve a significant drop in waist size, BMI and belly fat, and lose no muscle mass in the process! Just be sure to eat only pork tenderloin as it has been proven to have less fat than a skinless chicken breast. It is also rich in nutrient choline that speeds up the fat burning.
5.	Bison

5. Bison

Bison meat has fewer calories and half the fat of red meat. It is one of the leanest meats you can find! Plus, in just one serving you will acquire all the vitamin B-12 you need for an active day. Another plus: Bisons are always grass fed, so there will be no hormones that hinder your weight loss in their meat! Check out these mouth-watering bison burgers, and you are sure to become a fan.
6.	Beef

6. Beef

Beef is an all-time favorite in all the weight loss diets. There is not much to be said about beef that you have not already heard or read, except maybe to emphasize the difference between conventional fed and grass-fed beef.

Grass-fed has fewer calories as it is naturally leaner - more than 100 calories per serving to be exact! Dig deep into your wallet, the higher price, the lower weight! Do not miss out on trying our favorite beef meal.


1. Black Beans

1. Black Beans

First of all, we must warn you - beans are not a low-calorie food! However, they are good for weight loss because they are packed with beneficial nutrients, protein, and fiber and, after eating them, you feel full for long periods of time. Black Beans increases satiety and decreases appetite – what more can you wish? The benefits of black beans are numerous, one of them being its influence on losing extra weight.
2.	Kidney Beans

2. Kidney Beans

Protein-packed and fiber-rich Kidney Beans might be the key to the weight loss as they contain an extract that prevents the starches you eat from turning into sugars. In this way, starch stays in the form of fiber, burns off faster and allows for you to lose weight while preserving normal blood sugar levels. It sounds like magic beans, but unfortunately, it is not; you still have to reduce calorie intake and exercise daily if you want results.
3.	Hot Peppers

3. Hot Peppers

Hot peppers will literally burn your fat cells if you can take the heat! An alkaloid substance called Capsaicin heats up your body, and you burn calories faster. Besides the metabolism-boosting effects, hot papers are healthy for you for other reasons too: high level of vitamin C and vitamin A, plus a rush of endorphin which boosts your mood and makes you want more.
4.	Broccoli

4. Broccoli

Broccoli is 90 percent water; this means you can eat a lot and not contribute much to the number of calories set as your daily goal. It is also rich in fiber and together with all the water already mentioned it makes you feel full for a long time, brings down your appetite, and helps you lose those extra centimeters around your waist. Not very happy with that smell? Well, here are some cooking tips how to solve the “smelly” problem.
5.	Cabbage

5. Cabbage

Cabbage is famous among the dieters trying to lose weight for a cabbage-soup diet, but we will not dwell on how healthy or not such restrictive diets are. Cabbage is, in reality, a vegetable with the least fat and fewest calories; rich in fiber and full of water, it makes you feel satiated longer. You can eat it as a salad, or cook delicious meals, either way; you will enjoy the flavor and health benefits of this super vegetable.
6.	Spinach

6. Spinach

Spinach has made Popeye stronger, but has it made Olive so slim? According to some researchers, that might be the case. Feel free to include it into your diet plan as it curbs the appetite and hinders cravings for food.

Furthermore, the spinach belongs to the group of superfoods - it contains the nutrients our body needs for optimal health. We recommend the spinach smoothie to boost your energy levels.
7.	Peas

7. Peas

Chock-full of nutrients Peas, are actually highly beneficial for you, and all those mothers making their children eat peas deserve a medal. Peas have twice the protein of any other vegetable, it is low in calories and has loads of insoluble fiber which will make you feel full for hours.

If you are wondering how to use peas for weight loss, it is relatively easy- you can even eat it raw.
8.	Asparagus

8. Asparagus

Asparagus is low in calories and high in volume. It is rather expensive out of season, but health-wise it is worth like gold. Asparagus is maybe poor with calories, but it is rich in flavor. It also contains valuable antioxidants. Most importantly, for all those pregnant ladies trying to prevent weight gain, it is rich in folic acid which prevents birth defects as well.
9.	Celery

9. Celery

If you are always hungry and you want to shed that extra weight, you can try eating lots of celery. It is yet another vegetable rich in fiber, low in calories, and full of water which will make you fill satisfied quickly. How to eat celery to lose weight? It is a great snack by itself but also a tasty addition to various cooked dishes and soups.


1.	Chia seeds

1. Chia seeds

Chia seeds come from South America and are becoming more and more popular worldwide. This popularity has a good reason, and these small seeds are high in antioxidants, omega-3 fatty acids as well as fiber. The fiber in chia is the key player when it comes to  weight loss since it can help keep you satiated for a long time on relatively little calories. some ideas that incorporate chia.
2.	Almonds

2. Almonds

Eating almonds brings a great variety of benefits to one’s body, including good brain function, strong bones, lowered cholesterol, and improved heart health. Studies have also shown that people who eat nuts at least two times a week are 30% less likely to gain weight, suffer from heart disease or cancer than those who rarely eat them.
3.	Quinoa

3. Quinoa

Quinoa is high in antioxidants, minerals like iron and magnesium, a good source of protein, and contains a lot of fiber. In addition to all of this, quinoa also has a low glycemic index which is, combined with all the previously named qualities beneficial for weight loss and blood sugar control. This food is a great, healthy source of carbohydrates too. Here’s how to make and use it.

Bonus: Check out this Quinoa Stew recipe by Rositsa. It won't make you disappointed.
4.	Pistachios

4. Pistachios

Research done on obese individuals who participated in a 12-week weight-loss program showed that eating 50 grams of pistachios as an afternoon snack decreased their triglyceride levels and body weight, opposed to individuals who ate refined carbs in the same manner and amount. Protein, good fats and dietary fiber are also found in these nuts. Check out some ideas on how to prepare them.
5.	Lentils

5. Lentils

Besides being tasty and quick to prepare (compared to other legumes), eating lentils is also great for the body. They are high in soluble fiber and quality protein which can promote heart health as well as digestion. Also, one cup of cooked lentils contains just a bit more than 200 calories, but will still make you satiated and full.
6.	Cashews

6. Cashews

Cashews are nuts, and just like many other nuts, they are high in fats (mono and polyunsaturated), protein and calories. Nevertheless, this is a good thing, and those who struggle with weight might want to replace animal fats with plant fats in order to shed pounds. Eating a handful of cashews a day is good for heart, eye and hair health. Here is an abundance of ideas for meals with them.
7.	Pumpkin seeds

7. Pumpkin seeds

These seeds are affordable and amazing in many ways. They contain zinc and magnesium, a ton of protein, and are good for prostate health. A study has shown that consumption of pumpkin seeds can help with glycemic control meaning that it can regulate blood sugar levels, which is important for weight loss and diabetes prevention. Here are some fantastic ideas.
8.	Sunflower seeds

8. Sunflower seeds

Sunflower seeds are a great snack, and they are also extremely good for you. They are high in vitamin E, they fight free radical damage in the body, and contain magnesium and selenium. When it comes to weight-loss benefits, selenium promotes normal thyroid function which has a big effect on a person’s metabolism. A healthy metabolism is essential for maintaining proper weight.


1. Avocados

1. Avocados

This fruit has become quite trendy over the past few years, and for a good reason. It is high in healthy fats, fiber, and several vitamins, making it good for your heart. Since it has a lot of fat, it can help keep you satiated, and a study has shown that people who ate half of an avocado after lunch had a decreased desire for food during the next several hours.
2.	Blueberries

2. Blueberries

Blueberries are low glycemic, delicious, good for the heart as well as the brain. Therefore there are plenty of reasons to eat them on a regular basis. A study done on rats at the University of Michigan has shown that blueberries might help fat loss by activating the genes responsible for this function. Here are 40 truly amazing blueberry recipes.
3.	Pears

3. Pears

Scientists say that people who eat one medium pear a day have a 35 smaller chance of being obese. conducted with nine years worth of data is claiming this to be true. This is probably related to the fruit’s fiber content, which is exceptionally large, and also, pears are a great source of vitamin C. Here are some fine recipes with pears.
4.	Grapefruit

4. Grapefruit

Many people don’t like grapefruit due to its slightly bitter taste, but there might be some reasons why they should reconsider eating them. A compound found in this fruit called nootkatone activates an enzyme named AMPK. This enzyme can boost metabolism and in turn promote weight-loss. Besides this, this fruit boosts immunity, might fight cancer and improve your skin. Check out some fabulous grapefruit ideas from Martha Stewart.
5.	Apples

5. Apples

"An apple a day keeps the doctor away" is a famous saying, and there is some truth to it. Several studies confirm that they are good for weight loss as well. One study found that women who consumed three apples per day as a part of their 6-meal diet lost about 1.2 kg during 12 weeks. Recipes with apples – you guessed it, there is a million of them out there.
6.	Guava

6. Guava

Guava can help with heart health, eyesight, stress reduction and even toothache, but it is also beneficial for weight loss. It contains far less sugar than apples, pears, bananas, etc. but is just as satisfying and delicious, and this makes it great for anyone with diabetic conditions. You can read more about the pros of this fruit over here, and check some recipes here.
7.	Peaches

7. Peaches

Peaches are sweet, juicy, contain vitamins A and C, and are a good snack for the hot summer days due to a high antioxidant content. They can also help those who struggle with metabolic syndrome and make them lose stubborn belly fat. These fruits might also be beneficial for preventing cardiovascular disease as well as diabetes. Here are dozens of ideas for meals with peaches or you can check out a great grilled peaches recipe by Caroline.


1.	Green Tea

1. Green Tea

Green tea is more than just a tea- it is one of the healthiest beverages on the planet! It is overloaded with antioxidants that are beneficial for health and helps turn the fat into energy. Its influence on the weight loss has been proven by many studies. The substances responsible for this effect are caffeine, a powerful stimulant that aids fat burning, and epigallocatechin gallate EGCG, a powerful element which boosts your metabolism. Be sure not to add sugar though!
2.	Lemon Water

2. Lemon Water

It is simple as it sounds - just squeeze some lemon into the glass of water, add some lemon zest if you like, and you are done. To experience the full range of the benefits, make sure that the water is warm. Do not expect any magical weight loss, although many celebrities swear by it. It will give you more energy, loads of vitamin C, reduce fluid retention and boost your metabolism at best. Although, the habit of drinking lemon water in the morning will provide multiple health benefits for you.
3.	Cranberry Juice

3. Cranberry Juice

When cranberry juice is mentioned, most of us immediately think of urinary infections, but cranberries offer a wealth of health benefits including the weight loss and anti-carcinogenic effect. Cranberry juice has sweetness and is not as acidic as citrus juices; it is also great mixed with other weight loss beverages. It is best to drink the juice before breakfast, on an empty stomach, as it will help you feel satiated and kick off your day.
4.	Mint Tea

4. Mint Tea

Mint or Peppermint tea is a natural, freshly-scented, low-calorie drink. It helps you decrease an overall calorie consumption and meet the weight loss goals just by smelling it - as its smell is a vicious appetite killer. It is very pleasant to drink even without sugar or honey, but if you cannot do without sweeteners, opt for the latter one. Peppermint leaves hold precious essential oils with antimicrobial and antioxidant effects and are well renowned in phototherapy for various health benefits.


1.	Greek Yogurt

1. Greek Yogurt

There are numerous ways that Greek yogurt can help you lose extra weight, so do not wait for your Greek summer vacation, it is widely available and tasty- grab a cup, add some fruit or nuts and enjoy! Creamy and smooth, it is a great comfort food when you are on a low-calorie diet. The probiotics, healthy fats, and muscle-building protein are just a few of the components that account for numerous health benefits of this Greek delight.
2.	Almond Milk

2. Almond Milk

Drinking milk promotes fat loss due to the vitamin D and calcium it contains. On the other hand, almond milk brings more vitamins than cow milk, and more calcium as well. So look at this milk as a way better alternative to cow milk. It has less cholesterol, and tastes way better (although hardcore fans of cow milk would disagree). Additionally, it doesn’t require refrigerating to stay safe for drinking.
3.	Soy Milk

3. Soy Milk

Soy milk is another alternative to cow milk that comes as a healthy replacement and ingredient of many tasty, yet very healthy meals and beverages. The healthy fat and load of vitamins in this milk provide the significant boost to metabolism and muscle building. Alongside these stimulations to health, hormones in soy milk improve the fat loss by increasing the fat decay in the body. So, when someone asks you if you got soy milk, be sure to answer – yes!
4.	Feta

4. Feta

Here is another Greek specialty which has become famous worldwide. When you sprinkle some olive oil and oregano on top, you can almost feel the smell of the Aegean Sea and hear a sweet bouzouki melody. Not everyone enjoys the flavor though – as it is produced from goat or sheep milk it features a distinctive smell and bold taste. Feta cheese has less fat and calories than most of other types of cheese and is an excellent source of calcium and protein.


1.	Coconut Oil

1. Coconut Oil

It seems that nowadays coconut oil fixes everything from fizzy hair to the waistline measurements - it is that popular! All for a reason though, there are numerous interesting and unusual uses for coconut oil. The Internet is bursting with testimonials of increased energy levels, fewer cravings for carbs and sweets, and a feeling of being “full” after meals. Be careful not to go overboard though, as consuming too much Coconut oil will provide extra calories. Here is a healthy Coconut Bar recipe that you should try.
2.	 Olive oil

2. Olive oil

It has no magical ability to make your belly fat disappear in a puff of fairy dust, but it is certainly a healthy choice, famous for the numerous health benefits and a long history of use.It is rich in monounsaturated fat which is considered to be a "good fat,” and lowers the levels of bad cholesterol. Olive oil is a golden elixir which raises the metabolic rate of the body and oxidation of unhealthy fat helping you lose those extra centimeters.


1.	Cinnamon

1. Cinnamon

Famous in Ancient China for numerous health benefits, cinnamon remained well known for its medical properties, unique taste and aroma. It acts like insulin and speeds up the metabolism of glucose, preventing storage of fat in your body and enabling you to lose weight. There are several ways cinnamon can aid fat loss, the most popular one is drinking warm water with cinnamon and honey. Do not abandon the exercise regime though, as cinnamon cannot perform wonders.
2.	Ginger

2. Ginger

Ginger might as well be the healthiest and most delicious spice, but if you want to lose the extra pounds, gingerbread cookies are regretfully off limits! It is a natural appetite suppressor, and you can beat off the cravings by simply smelling it. It is almost calorie-free and belongs to thermogenic food which literally raises the temperature of your body and melts the fat. It inhibits cortisol production and helps your belly to become, or stay flat.
3.	Artichoke

3. Artichoke

Artichoke could be one of the best friends in any weight loss diet as it has less than 1% fat and few calories. Although the exterior looks somewhat intimidating, the interior is packed with nutrients that benefit the human body. The health benefits of artichokes are numerous, including the aphrodisiac power. After trying them you will not be able to resist their taste, but make sure to keep the artichoke dips low in calories.
4.	Eggs

4. Eggs

Eggs are the best food you can eat for breakfast while you are trying to lose weight and squeeze back into your old skinny jeans. One egg has around 80 calories and loads of nutrients; it keeps you full for a long time and provides you with slimming proteins. We are sorry to say, but the fried eggs are out of the question, the best cooking option is to boil them and do not pair them with sausages.
5.	Brown Rice

5. Brown Rice

Low-density brown rice is a close relative of a not-so-healthy white rice. Similar to taste and cooking options, it provides more quality nutrients and, most importantly, boosts metabolism. Fiber-packed brown rice is filling and will keep you satisfied for long without having to bulk up on calories. It is yet another superfood that is widely available and easy to prepare, which offers a great deal of health benefits.
6. Apple Cider Vinegar

6. Apple Cider Vinegar

It resolves weight issues, but also various other concerns from hiccups and colds to heart disease and cancer. Apple Cider Vinegar is a potent metabolism booster that suppresses your appetite and reduces water retention. The apple cider vinegar also affects the body's digestion of starch and reduces the number of calories that enter the bloodstream. If you cannot stand to drink it, it is widely available in the form of pills.

Bottom Line

There you have it, the list of more than 50 food and samples that will provide you with enough possibilities and get you to that desired weight faster.

Now, let’s try and make a meal plan based on these foods.

Meal Plan For Weight Loss Example

Today, there are thousands of food regimes and diet plans that you can try to lose weight. The Paleo way is one of the currently popular (and effective) ways to lose fat by focusing on the food that was harvested only in nature, without any processing. Basically, the food that humans in Paleolite were eating.

This diet is especially good if you’re busy. Because the meals mainly don’t require much heat treating (if at all), the meals presented here are easy to make, and you can stack them up in containers and have them at your office, or on the road. That way you won’t miss a meal, and jeopardize the healthy cause.

Based on this program, here’s how your meal plan should look like:


Breakfast – 2/3 eggs with a 1 cup of spinach stir fried in coconut oil; ½ cup of blueberries.

Lunch – 4 oz. Grilled chicken; salad with olive oil; handful of nuts (almonds/cashews/pistachios).

Dinner – 5 oz. Steak; salad with olive oil.


Breakfast – 2/3 eggs with two slices of bacon fried in bacon fat; 1 apple.

Lunch – 5 oz. Salmon; 1 medium sweet potato; ½ cup cooked asparagus.

Dinner – 4 oz. Burger (no buns); 1 cup of steamed broccoli; 30 of grams dark chocolate.


Breakfast – 1 cup of Greek yogurt with ½ cup of berries; handful of nuts (almonds/cashews/pistachios).

Lunch – 5 oz. Steak fried in butter; fresh vegetables.

Dinner – 1 can of tuna; vegetable salad with olive oil; 1 pear.


BreakfastPaleo pancakes.

Lunch – 4 oz. Grilled chicken; salad with olive oil; half an avocado.

Dinner – 5 oz. Pork chops; 1 cup of steamed kale; 1 small sweet potato.


Breakfast – 2/3 eggs with 1 cup of spinach stir fried in coconut oil; 1 grapefruit.

Lunch – 4 oz. Grilled salmon; ½ cup cooked asparagus; handful of nuts (almonds/cashews/pistachios).

Dinner – 4 oz. Burger (no bun); 1 cup of steamed broccoli; 1 small sweet potato.


BreakfastChia seed pudding (needs some preparation one night before).

Lunch – 4 oz. Grilled chicken; half an avocado; 1 cup of fresh vegetables.

Dinner – 5 oz. Steak; 1 cup steamed broccoli; 30 grams of dark chocolate.


Breakfast – 3 oz. Ground turkey stir fried with veggies in coconut oil.

Lunch – 4 oz. Bison steak; 1 cup of steamed kale; ½ cup brown rice.

Dinner – 5 oz. Grilled shrimp; fresh salad with olive oil; half an avocado.

Bottom Line

A good thing about Paleo diet is that it doesn’t restrain the amount of food you can eat, as long as it is from the list of allowed food. The meals are based on a 2000kcal diet, and you can adjust them to your preferences and requirements, but be careful and honest about your calorie intake. Calculate your calorie intake based on your lifestyle and desired weight.


What do you think about the mentioned food? Were you surprised that your favorite food was not on it?

The weight loss is mostly based on the food that you consume on a daily basis, and the eating habits. It’s quite simple when you think about it; no matter how careful you are, if you’re eating bad food, you won’t lose weight (you even might gain more).

Having a list of healthy food and combinations to use for weight loss is the method that will help you the most if you do it right. Simply, when you go to the grocery store (don’t forget to use the infographic I’ve made for you to ease the process), don’t buy anything that’s not on your list. Prepare your food based on the list, and consume it freely whenever you’re hungry (this rule is particularly good for Paleo diet).

That way you’ll stay away from bad food, (I’ve actually compiled a list of foods to avoid when you’re on a weight-loss diet) and develop healthy eating habits.

What do you think about this list? Would you make an addition, or remove some food?

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Don't know what to buy when I go to the grocery store?

Don't know what to buy when I go to the grocery store?

No worries. Let me send you the infographic so you can print out or copy to your phone. Just don’t buy anything that’s not on your list:

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